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Hi! Thanks for stopping by to visit! My name is Ursula, and I am a foodaholic (hey, the first step is admitting it, right!?!). I have a deep, passionate love affair with cooking, that has become a huge part of my life. My friends associate my name with “what’s she bringing to eat” NOW, and that’s ok with me! It gives me more excuses to cook, try out new recipes, and make unusual dishes out of seasonal ingredients.

I started ChefUrsula.com as a way to document and share my love of cooking. My goal is to give you easy-to-follow recipes, creative spins on ingredients, tips and tricks to make cooking more fun and accessible, and lots of pics!!!

During the day, I’m a consultant, currently doing instructional design and technical writing (that’s fancy-talk for ‘I design and develop training for online courses) for an international company. Some weekends, you’ll find me at a Cincinnati Park (Krohn Conservatory) as the guest chef, doing different food events, demos, and tastings, and I’ve been featured on Fox 19 News a few times (if you come across the interviews, just remember, the cameras add 30 lbs!).

ursula-dogsCurrently, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, enjoying every day, and just living life to its fullest!

I am the proud mama of one grown daughter, Sarah, who is the apple of my eye, the Yin to my Yang, and the “fruit of my loins” (I say that when I want to make her cringe!).

I have two teeny, tiny Boxers (Colby is 110 lbs. and Barkley is 77 lbs.). They are my awesome, “special” kids, who you may see photobombing some of my food pics. Colby is a great help in the kitchen! He’s my built-in garbage disposal. As I chop veggies, he’s right by my side to graciously eat the ends of anything… well, almost anything (he doesn’t eat mushrooms, celery or onions). And Barkley competes with Colby to taste test my recipes. They ARE a bit biased and prefer recipes that include lots o’ meat, so I don’t look for either of them to post a non-judgmental review any time soon. J

Fun Facts:

  • I’m first generation German
  • I’ve been cooking since I was five
    • I remember helping my Oma make Spaetzle, by cutting them one-by-one, off of her old wooden spoon, into boiling water
  • I got my first cookbook when I was eight years old (Peanuts Cookbook, by Charles Schulz, 1969- shhhh! Don’t judge!)
  • The first recipe I followed and made was from the Peanuts Cookbook, and was called Security Cinnamon Toast, lol
    • I remember even back then, “tweaking” and “doctoring” the recipe, which clearly needed a pinch of salt (IMHO)

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